Saturday, 25 December 2010

Balaji Amines: An Update

Balaji Amines has moved down from around Rs 56-58 the current levels of Rs 40-42. I am actually expecting it to do better than 7 EPS for Fy11. Pre-split my expectation was around Rs 35-38 for FY11 and Rs 44-46 for Fy12. ( I would not be very surprised if it does a little better than that). That means an EPS of 7-7.6 in FY11 and 8.8-9.2 in FY12.

Balaji's core business is doing well. Realizations have improved and the new product Morpholine is likely to enjoy better margins as it may attract anti-dumping duty in India.

This stock is a good candidate for attractive returns for the medium term (2-3 years) with a tentative price target of 70-80 by Mar-Apr 2011 and 95-100 by Mar-Apr 2012.


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